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I have a list of sites that I try to visit on a daily basis. Most of them are craft related, but not all of them are. I’ll try to put together a list soon and get it up here so those of you who care (both of you) can see what I’m reading.

I was exploring one of the sites yesterday and ran across a link for Gimme Your Stuff. (Okay, I can’t remember how to link anything here, but I’ll fix it later. The site is This site links people from different countries who want to swap cool stuff from where they live. How awesome is that? It’s like having that international pen pal when you were in third grade, but one hundred times better because you both get cool stuff in the mail!
You’re supposed to post what you can send, so here’s my best shot:

fabric, sewing notions, books, magazines, candy, children’s toys/clothes/books/games, music, and whatever else you might want from the States. Seriously, I enjoy a good shopping hunt, so tell me what you’re interested in and I’ll do my best to find it!

In return, I’d love to get anything you want to send. I love fabrics, particularly Japanese-type fabrics. Actually, now that I’m writing all of this out, I’d love to get some cotton/linen blend fabric. Why is that so hard to find here in the States? Also, I have an unnatural love of pens and paper. The finer the point of the pen, the happier it makes me. I guess that extends to books and magazines, too. Japanese craft books and magazines make me smile for days, and anything German is wonderful, too. I studied German for 8 years so I love to get my hands on anything written auf Deutsch. Food is always good, too – chocolate, candy, or anything unique to your country or region.

Additionally, or separately, I have a three year old son. If anyone else out there has children and wants to do a swap with the kids, I think that could be great fun, too! Alex could swap books, games, toys, stickers, and, of course, candy. He would be happy to receive anything – as long as it comes in the mailbox!

EDIT:  I’ve received a lot of swap requests and I’m trying to sort through them as quickly as I can.  Postage has become a limiting factor in the number of swaps I can do right now, though.  If, however, anyone is interested in a flat and lightweight swap (like fabric or magazines), that shouldn’t be a problem.  I think the postage is a lot less expensive on flat packages.  Thanks!

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  1. hello(:
    i am a 15 yr old from singapore.
    i can get you an assortment of nice stationary like coloured pens, fine tip pens and beautiful paper products and notebooks. i can send singapore based fashion magazine too.also, i can lots of chocolates, candies, snacks and toys for your son too.(:
    contact me. (:

  2. drop me a line if you want sawpping with me, i’m in France. I think I’ve some german school books and books if you’re interesting.

  3. Hi Megan,

    I have a son that turns 3 in march, like you said, maybe it is fun for them to swap. Iam belgian, we are famous for our chocolate, but if you want something from germany, shouldn´t be to hard for me to find something.
    You can contact me on my email adress if you have specific things that you would like.
    However I will leave tomorrow for Austria (skiholiday) and will be back in a week, so no mail during that time for me.


  4. hello megan. i am karen from philippines and i would love to swap with you. if you are interested e-mail me at or visit my swap list at i would love to receive magazines, foods, and since you enjoy a shopping hunt, please look for a knee-high socks and the book, “Jason and Marceline” by Jerry Spinelli in a bargain book. as a fair exchange, i wouldn’t mind to send anything you want from my list. happy swapping!


  5. Hi Megan,
    I’m Lena from Germany and I’d love to do a swap with you! If you’re interested, just drop me a line.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  6. Hey!

    I’m from Singapore, and I’d love to swap with you! 🙂

    A flat package swap is of no problem to me! I can send you some cute Japanese fabric, and perhaps some local publications?

    Let me know what you think about it.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  7. Hello! 🙂

    I’m from Singapore and I’d like to swap with you! 🙂
    I can send you some cute fabrics; some tinkles/toys for your son (I love kids!) and some patterned paper!

    Hope to hear from you soon! (:

  8. Hi!

    I’m Agnetha from Sweden….would you like to do a swap??

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