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March 22nd, 2007

Crafty adventures to come!

I know I haven’t posted anything very crafty lately, but I’m working on that. It’s Spring Break around here, so Alex has been home all day, but his saintly grandparents have taken him for a couple of days so I can have some time to get the house ready to move craft.

I also hope to be able to show you the surprises my wonderful husband is bringing back from his trip to San Jose. I’m not sure how he managed to find the Kinokuniya bookstore there, but he said it was very nice and that he even found some books for himself. (Okay, maybe he found it because I gave him the address. With directions from his conference center to their front door. Maybe.)

In something completely unrelated, what in the world is going on with American Idol? Sanjaya seems like a wonderful kid, but why is he still there? I feel bad for him because sometimes it seems like he just wants to go home. He knows he’s not the best and he has to know what people are saying. Just let the poor kid go home…

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