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March 24th, 2007

Do they come any better than this?


Look at what my amazingly generous husband brought back for me from his trip to San Jose! He picked out the most adorable books and picked up some of my other favorite things – pens and notebooks! That green notebook says “Notebooks for pretty girls. All tiny things are pretty.” So cute!

The books have some incredible projects in them and I just need to figure out which one to try first. Hmmm…maybe I’ll take one of those notebooks and pens and make a list. I’ll post some photos of the insides of the books in the gallery just as soon as I can figure out how to make the photos look halfway decent.

The weather here has been great. It was 85 degrees today with very little humidity. Usually when we see temperatures that high, they come with 90% percent humidity and make you want to hide in a freezer somewhere. Today, though, we were able to get out and enjoy it. Rod, Alex, and I went on a photo safari to Big Spring Park. I made a list for each of us of the things we needed to “shoot” – animal, tree, building, flower, etc. We had a great time. The results are posted in the Expedition gallery, if you’re interested.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

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