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June 25th, 2008

Summer Update!

Time for a summer update – if anyone still bothers to check in here for my infrequent posts…


The last time I checked in, Declan was about one month old.  He’s nearly five months (and twenty pounds!) now.  He very much wants to crawl around, which is not something I am at all prepared for.  Thankfully, he can’t get his little body to do what he wants it to do quite yet.  It causes him quite a bit of frustration at times, but I’m glad for the extra time to get the house ready for a crawling baby.


He and Alex are the best of buddies.  Alex absolutely loves his little brother, and Declan adores Alex, too.  Alex can always get Declan to smile or laugh.

Alex graduated from his Montessori preschool in May.  He’s been at the same school since he was 18 months old, so this was a big deal for him.  It hit him harder than I thought it might.  The first few days after school got out, his behavior was totally out of character for him.  He finally asked me if he could go back to his school for elementary school, too.  We compromised by writing his favorite teacher, April, an email telling her how much he misses her.  It was incredibly sweet.  Here’s a photo of Alex and Ms. April on pajama day.  He will start kindergarten at our local public school in August.

Alex & April

In house news, things are growing outside.  We bought our current house just over a year ago, but the summer last year was a record drought year and nothing looked very pretty.  I’m ashamed to admit that now that things are growing well, I don’t know what is a weed and what was once a well cared for piece of the landscape.  These, however, I know are hydrangeas and they are staying.



I’m also trying to do a lot of clearing out and organizing, so I should have some giveaways here soon.  Keep your eyes open if you like fabric and notions!

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