Go Fly a Kite!

The boys and I have travelled to visit my family in Pennsylvania for Alex’s spring break.  We try to come up here twice a year – once at Thanksgiving and once for the 4th of July.  Last year, though, my mom and her husband came to Alabama for Thanksgiving, so we thought we’d drive up for the week to see everyone we missed in November.

The weather here in NW PA is generally still quite chilly in late March.  When I was growing up, we would often use St. Patrick’s Day as our mark for the likely last big snow storm of the year.  That didn’t mean that it wouldn’t happen after that date, for sure, but it was a good way to remember that the end of the winter was near.  This year, though, they have had an unusually warm and mild winter, just like much of the rest of the United States.  The week before we left Alabama, it was 85 degrees for most of the week there and it was in the 70′s in Erie.  I looked at the weather for the next week when I was packing and it seemed that it would be a bit cooler, but still well above normal.  Apparently that changed while we were in the car on our way here because it was 24 degrees yesterday morning!  Holy cow, I was not ready for that!

The boys were going stir-crazy after 14 hours in the car and a day inside, so I decided that we’d head out in search of winter accessories and head to the beaches at Lake Erie.  We found gloves on clearance at Target, but also found kites!  It was perfect kite flying weather!

Kites at Presque Isle

That tiny little speck in the big blue sky is Alex’s kite!  He’s flown kites before, but I think that is the highest he’s ever had one go.  He was SO excited!  I need to remember how much fun this was so we can do it again.  The beaches will be way too crowded in July, but when we come back in the fall, it should be about perfect!

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  1. We have never flown kites, but I’ve always thought it would be fun. Way to go, Alex! He’s a pro!!

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